SPT-O POLY-GEE Brand Sodium Polytungstate Powder

Catalog No. : SPT001

This NEW product is a WATER BASED product specifically developed for chemists and research
scientists that need a WATER BASED liquid that has LOW NITROGEN (N) and LOW CARBON (C)
properties. This product is needed in aspects of soil science and studies. It is a granular product that is
combined with water to become a liquid.

25–99 Pound Lots
1–24 Pound Lots
Call for pricing/shipment of 100 lbs or more.


Developed specifically for chemists and scientists needing a water-based product with low nitrogren (N) and low carbon (C) properties, SPT-O is used in soil science and studies.

For more information see the SDS sheet.

Note: Distilled water (very pure) should be used to dilute our water based products. If you have questions regarding distilled water use we can offer you technical support, as well as mixing instructions for our powder products. Phone us at 847-215-9821 or 800-827-2411 and we can answer any questions and send technical information.

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1 lb. container ($295.00), 5 lb. container ($1,475.00), 5 lb. container ($1,415.00) (25 lbs or more)