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SPT-O POLY-GEE Brand Sodium Polytungstate Powder

$315.00 / 1 LB.

This NEW product is a WATER BASED product specifically developed for chemists and research
scientists that need a WATER BASED liquid that has LOW NITROGEN (N) and LOW CARBON (C)
properties. This product is needed in aspects of soil science and studies. It is a granular product that is
combined with water to become a liquid.

Call for pricing/shipment of 100 lbs or more.


Developed specifically for chemists and scientists needing a water-based product with low nitrogren (N) and low carbon (C) properties, SPT-O is used in soil science and studies.

For more information see the SDS sheet.

Note: Distilled water (very pure) should be used to dilute our water-based products. If you have questions regarding distilled water use we can offer you technical support, as well as mixing instructions for our powder products. Phone us at 847-215-0938 or 800-827-2411 and we can answer any questions and send technical information.

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Weight1 lbs
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1 LB., 5 LB.

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