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MI-GEE Brand Methylene Iodide---Diiodomethane


1 lb. = 136 ml.
5 lbs. = 680 ml.
TLV Est. 25 ppm.

Call for pricing/shipment of 100 lbs or more.

Weight Range (lbs.)Price per Pound
1 - 24 $233.00
25 - 99 $209.00
100 + $196.00

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Container Size Quantity
1 Pound Container
5 Pound Container
25 Pound Container


Generally for lab use in universities, corporations, USGS (united states geological survey and the equivalent organization in Canada, Natural Resources of Canada) to test a sink float use. When geological beads are dropped into any of our solutions the gems or geological debris sink /float at different levels. This helps people determine what type of gem / mineral that they have on their hands. In commercial business the diamond use (allot of this use in Canada)

This is the heaviest chemical based product we carry, the highest density of 3.32 spgs.

For more information see the SDS Sheet.

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Container Size

1 Pound Container, 5 Pound Container, 25 Pound Container


3.32 g/ml