Buying a Diamond

When it comes time to buy a diamond you ought to be looking for four particular characteristics. Combining these characteristics will assist you in determining the overall quality of the diamond that you are going to buy. Which means you will hold the capacity to center your decision on quality than the look of the diamond. A jewelry stockroom has authorized accountability to sell authentic items. It can be commonly safe to take upon yourself that even estate diamonds have been examined by a gemologist to determine authenticity. The beauty of a diamond is the effect of its inherent attributes, the quality of the hard stone as well as the craftsmanship that is applied to it in the cutting and purifying process.

You can determine a diamond’s beauty up to a central theme with the bare eye. What you’re looking for when buying diamonds is fire, sparkle and luminosity — that sparkle of light that occurs when a person wearing a diamond ring moves her hand here and there, so that light enters the stone from various angles and is reflected back to you. You’re also looking for color and clarity that are more difficult to determine with the naked eye.

A skilled diamond artisan cuts a stone to increase its brilliance, so that it reflects light effectively and returns it back to your eye through the top of the stone. This is named Return of Light. If the artisan begins with a high quality hard stone with good color and clarity, the possibility for maximizing brilliance is even greater. However, a poorly cut diamond will contain no life to it, it is no matter how big a rock it is or how fine a piece of rough it sprang from.

Cut, color, clarity and carat weight are the diamond elements that determine diamond quality, it is also known as the 4Cs, and anyone who is interested in buying diamonds should acquire sufficient knowledge about the 4Cs before going to a diamond store. The majority diamonds that are sold by reliable jewelers are accompanied by a diamond certificate that evaluates each of the 4Cs for that particular stone.

However, you should examine the stone with magnifying glass. A perfect diamond is colorless. Diamond ratings commence at D and go down from there E, F, G, to business-related grade. Looking at the stone away from the jewelry issue light supports as all stones look great under many watts. Don’t forget to compare the stone to authentic white cloth or sheet to provide some perspective, while a loupe (a small, high-powered magnifying lens held or worn close to the eye, used by jewelers) is needed to look for inclusions. Simply speaking, a beautiful diamond will look like clear, sparkling water. Remember that a clear, clean diamond indicate lesser quality. I hope that these tips will help you to determine which the best quality diamonds are.