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    Providing Heavy Liquids for Over 65 Years

    GeoLiquids supplies heavy liquids for the mining industry, gemologists and geologists. We manufacture both traditional chemical-based and environmentally-friendly water-based heavy liquids to:

    • Identify the specific gravity of a mineral
    • Determine the quality of a diamond
    • Discover if miners are getting close to oil
    • Determine geological use for gemstones / geology
    • Float sink heavy liquid / s

    Established over 65 years ago by the inventor of the process of making Methylene Iodide, GeoLiquids supplies heavy liquids worldwide.

    Have questions or would like to place an order?

    Feel free to Contact Us any time with specific questions, call us at: 1-800-827-2411 (US and Canada) or 847-215-0938 (International).