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About GEOLiquids, Inc.

GeoLiquids was established in Chicago, Illinois nearly 60 years ago by the inventor of the process of making Methylene Iodide. Since that time, we have grown into a successful chemical company, still located in the Chicagoland area, but now serving clientele worldwide.

We supply products used primarily by the mining industry, gemologists and geologists. GeoLiquids manufactures both traditional chemical-based heavy liquids and the new, user-friendly water-based line. These chemicals perform a variety of tasks including:

  • determining the quality of a diamond
  • discovering if miners are getting close to oil
  • identifying the specific gravity of a mineral

For more information about a particular item, please see our Products section and MSDS sheets. We have tried to address common questions in the FAQ section, but we are always happy to assist your special concerns on a one-on-one level. Feel free to E-mail us with any specific questions.

We hope this site gives you a more complete picture of GeoLiquids and our broad line of products.
Thank you for visiting us.

GeoLiquids, Inc. 4 E. Piper Lane, Suite F, Prospect Heights, IL 60070. Feel free to Contact Us any time with specific questions, call us
at: 1-800-827-2411 (US and Canada) or 847-215-0938 (International).